Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rain & The Rumpshaker 5K

As the Rumpshaker 5K draws closer, so does a storm front. (Seriously?!? We finally sign up for a 5K, and now it could be rained out?!?!)

Jackie picked up our race packets the other day. As I was reading through all the information, I noticed down at the bottom of the info page that it says that the organizers reserve the right to cancel the race. Not long after I read it, I saw that there's a good chance of severe weather this Saturday.

I don't mind if there's rain Saturday, but I'm not so keen on the lightning.

Jackie and I have already decided that if the race is canceled, we are going to run a 5K at the gym. Jackie said that we'll even take our bibs (just to take a picture).

I will be really bummed out if the race does get rained out. I'm really looking forward to it. But I must admit that I'm also a bit nervous. After our "practice 5K" yesterday, my knee has been...well, tingly. It doesn't hurt, but I'm afraid that it'll act up during the race.

Hope we have clear skies over B'ham Saturday morning!
No storm clouds at Sloss Saturday...please.
Tonight we went to the gym, and both of us admitted that we had crappy workouts. We ended up getting there right around 6, which is one of the busiest times. I think that alone put me in a sour mood. I had already decided that I was going to do abs, which I did. Then I couldn't decide what else I wanted to do, so I did a little chest and back before hopping on the elliptical.

I did a lighter cardio workout than normal. My knee did ok, but I didn't want to push it too hard before Saturday's race. I don't know why I was in such a funk today at the gym, but I hope I do better tomorrow!


  1. Is the run supposed to start early? I think the 'bad' weather is supposed to be after lunch, although there might be some showers earlier. Hopefully the rain will hold off til you're done, and the knee won't give you any grief.

  2. I starts at 8. I'm really hoping it holds off until at least after lunch!