Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Last "Fat" Tuesday

No more fat days for me!
Today, a friend of mine that I used to work with posted a Facebook status today that really struck home with me. It said: "Remember: For some of us, every Tuesday is "fat" Tuesday." (Not to mention fat Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, well... you get the picture.) I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being fat everyday!

So I have decided that this will be my last "Fat" Tuesday. I guess it is technically my last fat Fat Tuesday. Jackie and I (after 3 days of trying) were finally able to join Snap Fitness in Columbiana yesterday, and tonight we went for our first workout. All I wanted to do was the elliptical, and I was SO excited to be going to a gym that actually had working equipment!!!

The gym was kind of busy when we got there, but Jackie and I were both able to get on ellipticals. The reason that I love ellipticals is because they don't kill my right knee like a treadmill does. Back in my skinny days, I could get on an elliptical and go on forever...at least it felt like forever then, but it was really about an hour. Well, tonight I huffed and puffed my way through a 30 minute workout. (Jackie also tried some sort of elliptical bike-type contraption. She really liked it.) I think it was the longest 30 minutes of my life, but I did over 5.4 miles during that time!

No more finding weight!!!
As we were leaving (and by "leaving," I mean "staggering to the car"), I told Jackie that I felt SO GOOD! It had been a long time since my body actually felt good after a workout. Running on the treadmill at the apartment left me feeling like crap, but the elliptical was (dare I say it?) heavenly! It was like gliding on a cloud! A cloud that kicked my butt...but a cloud nonetheless.

Of course, I can't rely solely on the elliptical. After all, we are still planning on participating in the Rumpshaker 5K on March 26th, which is the day before my birthday. Finishing that race will be a great gift to myself!

Also, for Lent, I'm giving up laziness. Next week is Spring Break, and I plan on hitting the gym hard. The gym will probably hit back, but I'm ready for the challenge!

I want to make a promise to myself (and to all of you, my faithful readers) that next year I will celebrate Fit Tuesday instead of Fat Tuesday!!!

(Jackie is also blogging about tonight's little adventure. Click here to check out her blog!)


  1. 'Rumpshaker' 5K? That's a new one to me. Who sponsors that one?

  2. Proud of you guys! Pass me some of your motivation. It's 15 months later and I still have this baby weight - ugh! : )

  3. Rock 'n' roll, buddy! You ever check the Rec out on campus? That's where I got my start before I switched to a 24 hour gym.

  4. I went to the Rec a couple of times last year, but it's more convenient for me to use a gym closer to home since I don't live in Tuscaloosa and I'm only there on days I have class.

  5. Yeah, that's a good point. Shame you don't live in town, though. It'd be fun to work out together.