Friday, January 28, 2011

Vegas, baby!! (plus a BIG birthday & a light-up pig and ducks)

So this week I finally got word that a research paper that I wrote a while ago got accepted to the BEA (Broadcast Education Association) convention in Las Vegas in April!! I am SO excited!! I know what you're thinking: "Didn't he go to this last year? What's the big deal?" Well, the big deal (to me at least) is that last year the paper I helped present was one that I was the 3rd author on. This year's paper is one that I researched and wrote all by myself!!! It's about the Showtime series Dexter. I'm nervous about it because I'll be presenting by myself, but I now that it will be a good experience for me. So far, everyone that's either read the paper or seen my presentation has been very positive and receptive (and probably too kind).
The title slide of my PowerPoint presentation

Me in Vegas last April!
Me with the one of the Blue Man Group...well, a statue.

This is where I will earn some big bucks! LOL
Last year when I went, it was by myself. Jackie is planning on coming with me this year! I'm so excited! Vegas is one of the few places in the US that she hasn't been to, and I'm excited about sharing this trip with her! Now I'm just waiting to see how much money UA will give me to help pay my way.

In other news, Jackie and I are also planning our trip to Louisiana to celebrate Mardi Gras with her family down there. We are so excited! We had a blast last year, and we know that this year will be even better!

I love getting to travel, so this week has been very exciting for me!

In other news this week, we celebrated Dad's 60th Birthday this week! We went out to lunch and had a party for him at church. We really had a great time, and Dad really seemed to enjoyed all the festivities. (He also got an iPhone, so that really made him happy. My awesome wife Jackie bought me a new iPhone 4.)

Dad on the b'day saddle at Texas Roadhouse

The Old Man's cake

Notice Zach in the background doing the "cheerleader" pose

 Jackie was also in Texas this week for work. She brought home some funny souvenirs home.

Well, that's about it for this update. I will admit that I haven't been working out like I should have, but I have been eating better. I do plan on having a date with the treadmill tomorrow after watching the latest episode of "I Used to be Fat" on MTV. The guy started out weighing what I did, and he got down to 205, which is about where I want to be. It really inspired me because not only was he the same size as me, but he also ended up buzzing his hair and growing a beard like me during his weight loss transformation. It was almost like watching myself. Now I really want to get this weight off!!

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