Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting back on the wagon...again

Well, after a week of working out like there's no tomorrow, we promptly fell off the wagon. (Thus, the lack of blogging lately. I didn't really want to get on here and admit to doing...well...nothing.) Tonight, Jackie and I got back on. It was like starting over again...again.

Tonight when we got to the gym, there was a guy on one of the treadmills. (Oh, by the way, they got the broken one, that I wrote about before, working again!!) So while Jackie got on the torture machine treadmill, I did a circuit workout. It felt really good to feel my muscles working and pushing and pulling and not giving out completely on me. I got on the bike (still stuck on manual and level 6, just in case you were wondering) and started watching Wolverine on my iPhone. While I know that I'll never have a body like Hugh Jackman's, he motivated me to push on with the evil bike. Luckily after a couple of minutes, the guy on the treadmill finished, and so I began my prison sentence time on the treadmill. After I was done, we were so glad that we'd dragged ourselves back to the gym.

On the way back home, Jackie and I talked about trying to create a better workout schedule. So hopefully, we won't fall of the wagon again and again.

(And if in the near future if you notice that that I haven't blogged about working out, start hounding me about it! Keep me accountable!!)

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