Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Effect of Textbook Writing: Less Blog Writing

I feel like I need to attend a BBA meeting. (You know, Bad Bloggers Anonymous.) "Hi, my name is Bruce, and I have a problem..."

The reason that I've been MIA lately is that I've just been swamped with work, work, life, work, life, and... general craziness. I have so many great ideas and stories to share with y'all, and maybe next week I'll be able to get around to blogging them.
Here's the cover of the 1st edition.

I'm currently working on wrapping up a textbook I'm coauthoring with Dr. Jennings Bryant and Dr. Susan Thompson. We're currently working on the 2nd edition of their book, Fundamentals of Media Effects. A couple of months ago, they brought me onto the project to help them write the last few chapters. I've also helped with editing some stuff and coming up with photo ideas.

It's been a great learning experience for me, not only about the textbook writing process, but I've also learned a great deal from the chapters that I've written. I guess it's true when they say the best way to learn something is to have to teach it to someone else.

One interesting tidbit of information is that Dr. Thompson actually taught my undergraduate media effects class using the original version of this book. Then in graduate school, I had the distinct pleasure of a year of close learning with Dr. Bryant. I wrote my Dexter paper for him. (It's the one that I presented in Las Vegas earlier this year.)

I'm still a little awed by the fact that not only will I be published, but that my name will be on the cover of a book! With Dr. Bryant and Dr. Thompson! (pinching myself)

The Lord opened up this opportunity for me, and I am so truly, deeply grateful for it.

And in case I don't get to blog again before Turkey Day, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with those that you love and love you unconditionally in return.

Here's something to remember this holiday season:

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  1. Coauthoring a textbook? JEEZE. Way to make the rest of us look bad!

    (Seriously, though, way to go.)